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Total Quality Service

Corporate Services ServicesServices

Well Planned Service Delivery

Uninterrupted service by providing trained relievers and replacements.

Effective Solutions

Cost effective management solutions in key functional areas.


100% compliance to statutory requirements of central and state government.

Advantage to Client

Outstanding Features FeaturesFeatures

Our trained manpower combined with sophisticated equipment consistently delivers way ahead of our client expectations in terms of quality upkeep.

Business Growth

Clients has a comfort factor of better systems coordination.

Business Sustainability

In present scenario client is the principal employer but when associtated with sun facility due to their existing infrastructure they are in a position to coordinate with various govt. agencies more effectively.

Business Performance

Sun facility is a recognized company in terms of meeting customer expectations and employees’ satisfaction.

Business Organization

Being a professional company the outcome of service is better than local contractors. Vetting and verification of all the employees.

Dedicated Teams

All are employees of sun facility. This gives a comfort factor that they cannot claim permanency with the client.


Liabilities if any are of sun facility from the time of agreement.